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Ethics, Optics & Metrics: Standards Any Advertiser Should Live By

Strong marketing begins with strong principles. What do you stand for? How do you conduct business? What are you really selling to your customers? The answers to these questions go a long way to determining how successful you’ll be, beyond any marketing campaign. Of course, that also holds true for marketing firms.

In many ways, Digital Pudding is an old-fashioned advertising and marketing company. The type of business that prides itself on fair dealing, straight shooting and finding the proof in the pudding. Because to us, our reputation isn’t just everything, it’s the only thing.

As such, we hold to certain standards, best explained by these three key values: Ethics, Optics and Metrics. Here’s what each means for you.


Commitment to Digital Advertising Done Well

First and foremost, Digital Pudding operates with total integrity and transparency. We are not in the business of cheating clients out of their money. We want to grow the money they trust us with as if it were an investment.

We want Digital Pudding to be the type of digital ad agency that considers everything, that gives clients answers and holds nothing back. A respectful agency motivated only by love of the industry and the pride of a job well done. Also a dedication to business well grown. Someone you’d be proud to call your partner.

No gimmicks. No hidden costs. No cut corners. No half-truths. Just straightforward marketing services performed by honest professionals who will keep you in the loop every step of the way. After all, don’t you think you deserve that? I would if I were paying us.


Seeing The Entire Business Picture

Vision is what sets apart good marketing from great marketing, and great marketing from excellent marketing. Vision not only identifies new opportunity and finds results where others might not look, it also finds missed opportunities and turns them into profit centers. Vision sees things not as they are, but as they could be.

The Digital Pudding team is always looking out for new breakthrough ideas to help clients differentiate in the market and reach out to new customers where their competitors might not.

With the advances in digital just within the last few years, it’s even more difficult to make sense of all the internet marketing opportunities out there. There’s a lot of noise out there, enough to overwhelm most and paralyze the rest. Attention to optics keeps us focused on the goals we’ve set out to achieve, while also exploring new ideas.


Measurable Online Marketing

What good is any marketing campaign if you can’t make it accountable? That’s why this third piece of the puzzle is important.

Everything Digital Pudding does is measurable. We want to know the results of what we do as much as you do. Goals and statistics are the only way to get a real picture of what is going on in any campaign. Knowing how to read the numbers and look for those signs is crucial.

Marketing metrics are what makes The Proof so vital to Digital Pudding. We need to see results from what we’re doing, or else we need to find something new. Where do we look? How do we measure? What matters to you? We’ll answer these questions and constantly track, providing regular reporting on what works and what doesn’t. Otherwise, how else would you know what your marketing campaigns really mean for your business?

Solutions for Any Advertising Problem

We approach marketing as problem solving. Every client who comes to us has a certain set of problems that have to be solved in order to unlock market growth.

What’s right for your business? How do you get more customers? What can we do to build revenue? We have some ideas. But, after we better understand the nature of your business’ problems, we can help you come to some solutions that make sense.

So how about a conversation?