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Digital Pudding is a silly name for a business that creates marketing campaigns, not baked goods. It’s nonsensical. It’s irreverent. It’s confusing. Do we make pudding? Everyone loves pudding! Sadly, no. We make advertising. Everybody hates that! In fact, there are entire industries built so people can avoid it.

So why would I leave a well-established marketing company VP job to start my own agency with such an outlandish name? Because Proof Matters.

It’s something that seems forgotten as soon as a marketing campaign begins. You fall in love with an idea. You’re blinded by a strategy so seamless and perfect that you don’t notice there’s no real plan in place.

The campaign has to work. It’s bulletproof. I’ve been part of teams that believed this without ever questioning their divine knowledge. No more.

That’s why I talk so much about The Proof now as part of what makes Digital Pudding so special. Anyone can plan and execute an advertising strategy. Truly accountable marketing happens after the point of execution, a point few marketing consultants can see or even comprehend. That’s where real money is made for our clients.

So, Really, What Is the Proof?

Mmmmm, Digital Pudding

When you set out to create a marketing campaign, your head is filled with thoughts of how successful it’s going to be. Just think of all the amazing leads and sales you’re going to generate. It says it right here in the forecasting report.

The game isn’t played on paper, as you know, so that’s not how it works. What really happens is something no one saw coming. It’s the result that blindsides you for better or worse.

Simply put, the Proof is what we call that crucial phase of results analysis and optimization that attributes meaning to the results in any form. It’s the conversation you have with yourself after the campaign has begun. Where do you look? What are the indicators of success? How do we measure them? What are the factors that influence our KPIs? What’s happening in the sales channel that could be producing our results? Where are the variables that are creating inconsistencies? These and many other questions lead you to The Proof.

Then, it’s what you do with those results. How are you going to adjust the campaign in light of what you found?

The Proof can manifest itself in any number of ways. It can be the previously lagging product line you want to build and spin off into a more profitable business. It could be the secret customer base you didn’t even know bought your product. Or maybe it’s the hidden message that could frame all your marketing campaigns moving forward. It’s not always easy to find, but when you look hard enough, you can always figure out what’s working, how it’s working and where to go from there.

Why Does It Matter in a Marketing Campaign?

Because it’s your money, that’s why. Don’t be content to just spend it. Challenge yourself and your team to spend it better and smarter. Get more results. Increase conversions. Try a new angle (or multiple angles at the same time). Take what’s working in one area and apply it to another. Or scrap it entirely. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. But it’s frustrating if you can’t figure out the reason.

Think of it this way. If after a statistically significant period of time your campaign isn’t performing as well as it should, why? What are you going to do about it? What needs to change? How can you improve? And the answer better not be “Spend more.” That’s never the answer to a bad marketing campaign.

In my experience, not enough marketers do this. When they set up a campaign, they go into it knowing what they want to see. If they don’t see it, they either move on or make the best of it. And in most cases, you’ll never know because they’re very good at hiding the real results. That’s Bull Pudding(tm) and you deserve better than that.

Your marketing is supposed to solve a problem. Specifically, you want it to attract more customers or clients. So, shouldn’t your team approach your marketing campaign as problem solvers? That’s what The Proof is designed to make us do, and it’s why The Proof is in the Digital Pudding.

In short, we don’t have all the answers. No marketing consultant should. But no matter what happens in a marketing campaign, The Proof forces us to figure out why the results are what they are and improve them. This is what we do at Digital Pudding. Accept no substitutes.

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