Who We Want To Hire In 2018

A couple weeks ago I presented a birthday retrospective with some of our accomplishments and wishes for the new year. One of those goals is to add to the Digital Pudding team. As demand for our services has increased consistently, we need to increase capacity to address client needs. I mean, we don’t really want to turn people away because we’re too busy. That’s bad for business.

I really wanted to keep going at the current pace, but the workload as just become unmanageable for the current set up. In deciding to find help to offload some of that work, I was given some great advice I hadn’t considered. First, create a picture of what you want someone to do before you ask them to do it. A job description. Such a simple solution.

Here’s what we’re looking for someone to do in 2018 as the next member of the Digital Pudding team. Read More

Recapping the Year of NFE

The year 2016 is finally, mercifully, in the books. What was a chaotic year filled with surprises, turmoil and tragedy, is now just a memory, leaving in its wake the promise of an entirely new year.

At the beginning of last year, I made a commitment to avoid making excuses and just get stuff done. Since this was the first full year of Digital Pudding, we couldn’t afford to cut corners, risk shortcuts and overall slack on our responsibilities. Therefore, I dedicated myself to paying attention to the details and giving maximum effort as a way to grow the business. Here’s how we did. Read More

A Few Thoughts on the Election

This is not a political blog. It never will be, nor should it be. It’s a blog about business and digital marketing. My goal in writing it is to provide tips and insights that business owners can use to improve their advertising and enhance their digital presence. I even had a wonderful personal story about a job interview ready to post last week. However, with the uncertainty facing us as a country following the recent elections, I feel the need to share my thoughts on our situation.

I posted this to my personal social media last week in response to other’s reactions. It was my way of staying calm through a chaotic period. Often, the best reaction to such tumult is to stay measured and analyze the situation, planning your next course of action by what is known at the time. There’s your business lesson for this week, kids.

I didn’t expect the reaction that my post received. Read More

After a year in business, we're not fat

Things I’ve Learned After a Year in Business

This month, we officially made it to a full year in business. While it’s been a chaotic and confusing process getting off the ground, we’re proud to have made it to a milestone many businesses never see.

Last week I sat down to write a clichéd piece reflecting on a year in business and what I’ve learned from the experience. That’s when I realized that I haven’t really learned anything. Not nearly enough, at least, to make it some profound experience.

One year in business is a whirlwind. There hasn’t been time to reflect on major decisions, market changes, even things as simple insurance and taxes. Everything that we’ve done as a company has been done on reflex, drawing on the years of experience as an executive I’ve had before this venture. Read More