This way to free digital marketing tools

Our Favorite Free Digital Marketing Tools In 2018

It’s finally here! We’ve started a new year and you’re ready to get rolling on your digital marketing. Where to start?

Websites, social media, internet presence, content strategy, email marketing all present their own priorities. There’s so much to do and not enough time to do it in this new year, isn’t there? And everything is so expensive.

We’ve found a few tools that can help you maximize your digital marketing this year at no cost. Some of these are well-kept secrets. Others you probably should have heard of by now. Either way, take a look at this list or free digital marketing tools and see if there’s anything that might prove valuable for your business. We believe there will be. Read More

Marketing Automation may be attractive. Don't be fooled

Why Marketing Automation Is an Oxymoron

Marketing Automation is a major buzzword (or buzz concept, I suppose, since it’s more than one word) in the industry right now. Everything that can be controlled by a computer is likely to get controlled by a computer in this digital age. Of course, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Let’s back up a second. Marketing automation describes turning over certain processes like lead acquisition emails and basic customer service responses over to an automated system. Marketers around the world are currently enamored with things like customer facing chat bots, drip email campaigns and lead management and scoring systems. Even though machine learning is improving every year, that’s a dangerous way to run a business, especially something so important as marketing.

Yes, marketing automation can increase productivity and enhance your overall cache. It has value for some clients. For others, though, dedicating your resources to marketing automation can prove costly in the long run, especially if you try and hand over all the reigns to the machines. Read More