Yep, that's me, years ago. Still have the hat.

Mardi Gras Marketing Tips

Today is Mardi Gras, which is a very special holiday at this New York marketing agency. I spent my formative adult years in New Orleans, graduating from Tulane University in 2007. I’m a veteran of eight Carnivale seasons as a proud resident of the Crescent City. I’ve got the beads (and Muses shoes) to prove it.

We try to bring some of that distinctive New Orleans flair to everything we do at Digital Pudding. The experience shapes my personal worldview and informs my decisions as the leader of our team. Yes, I’m wearing my jester hat in the office today. I also know that a little fun and levity can help you focus when the time is right.

In fact, there are a bunch of lessons you could learn from the Carnivale season in New Orleans and apply them to your business. Here are some of my personal favorites. Read More

Too many mistakes being made has me like

On Repeating Mistakes from the Past

I left a job at a high profile local marketing agency to found Digital Pudding with the best of intentions. We were going to do everything the right way. Transparent, fair digital marketing for small and midsized businesses became our raison d’etre. It would shape our culture and define our existence. After all, I had just learned all the wrong ways to do business. It was time to make things right.

We’re just about half way through 2017 and it feels like we’re repeating some of the mistakes of the past. It turns out some things are harder to unlearn than others. With that said, here are some of the course corrections we plan to make in the second half of the year as we right the ship and get back to our purpose. Read More

Interview with a Marketing Partner

What to Look For in a Marketing Partner

Now that 2017 has started, many businesses are out there looking for a new marketing partner. Maybe sales declined last year. Maybe the holiday season was underwhelming. Maybe they just want to improve on mediocre. Whatever the reason, now’s the time to find a marketing partner that can help you achieve your goals for the new year.

The good news is there are a ton of marketers out there who will tell you they’d like to help you solve your problems. The bad news is that most of them have no idea how to do it. Worst case scenario: you’re bound to a marketing partner that can’t deliver and keeps you under contract, causing even more problems for your business.

How do you avoid that? Here are three things to look for when evaluating any marketing partner, either in-house or externally. Read More

You, in a price war

How To Win A Price War

With the holiday season in full swing, so many businesses are trying to wage a price war in the hopes that consumers pick them for gift shopping. This is especially acute online, where the same bed set can cost a dozen different prices, depending on shipping, processing, and sheer sales volume.

Furthermore, sporadic sales pop up, further complicating matters. Flash sales. Today only. Few hours remaining. Use this offer code for your first order. Those kinds of sales tactics are the new weapons in the price war.

There’s a problem with this thinking, though. Your competitors are racing to the bottom line right along with you. While you may take home a seasonal battle, you can’t win this war. Here’s why. Read More

After a year in business, we're not fat

Things I’ve Learned After a Year in Business

This month, we officially made it to a full year in business. While it’s been a chaotic and confusing process getting off the ground, we’re proud to have made it to a milestone many businesses never see.

Last week I sat down to write a clichéd piece reflecting on a year in business and what I’ve learned from the experience. That’s when I realized that I haven’t really learned anything. Not nearly enough, at least, to make it some profound experience.

One year in business is a whirlwind. There hasn’t been time to reflect on major decisions, market changes, even things as simple insurance and taxes. Everything that we’ve done as a company has been done on reflex, drawing on the years of experience as an executive I’ve had before this venture. Read More

A Turn of Phrase with a Quick Turnaround

A Turn of Phrase Turned My Career Around

Something so simple as a turn of phrase can be the powerful catalyst that propels effective change for the better. We’ve referenced the effect “but” has on a sentence. We’ve explored the thought process that leads to excuses. Now, let’s take a look at one turn of phrase that literally turned my career around.

When I started working in advertising, I was full of the same wonder and ambition that many wide-eyed graduates hold entering the industry. This was soon quashed by the true nature of the business, endless hours, constant shifting deadlines and sheer volume of the work. So I started using a task manager to help keep track of everything that needed to get done on a daily basis.

What started off as a godsend quickly became a hindrance. The more tasks I accomplished, the more tasks got added to the list like some perverse game of Whack-a-Mole. Such is the burden of meeting your deadlines and being a reliable employee in a fast-paced industry. However, the weight of the task list almost sank my marketing prospects.

I didn’t know it yet, but this way of viewing my job every day held me back from getting even more done. It took just a simple turn of phrase to reframe the conversation and propel my career. Read More

Definitely not Sonic, but also definitely not trademark infringement

Hidden Benefits of a Fast Marketing Team

I’ve wanted to write something about fast marketing for a while. My personal hero growing up (and maybe still today) was Sonic the Hedgehog. Why? Many reasons, but mostly because of speed. I’ve always wanted to be fast. Run fast. Think fast. Work fast. Do everything fast.

For 25 years, I’ve followed the Hall of Fame game character on a quest to improve my own speed and efficiency. It’s helped me create a value system and overall lifestyle that combines equal parts precision and velocity.

This obsession with speed has carried over into what the marketing team at Digital Pudding does. What can fast marketing do for you? Some really wonderful things. Read More

Billing Practices for Marketing Services, Explained

In a perfect world, marketing and advertising would take care of itself. You wouldn’t need to go out and hire anyone for marketing services. Demand and awareness would be created organically, almost magically from the simple fact that you’re open for business. Customers and clients would beat down your door, begging to give you money.

How Marketing Services Work
Dramatization: May Not Happen

This is a dream for most businesses. The reality is you’ll either have to manage your own marketing or find someone you can trust to provide your marketing services. Once that’s done, the next step is to figure out how you’re going to compensate them for their time, effort and brilliance (hopefully).

We’d like to think we’ve given you enough reasons to trust us throughout this website, what with our methodology and strategic thinking and whatnot. Now, let’s take a look at all of the different ways we could structure a partnership for marketing services moving forward. Wishful thinking? We hope not.

Read More

Stop Multitasking and Start Doing This

Even though this is the Year of No Effing Excuses, there are still some things I’m just not going to do. One of those is multitasking. Just because there’s a nearly endless and ever-growing list of tasks that need to be completed each day doesn’t mean you should tackle many of them at once through trying to do them all at once. In fact, multitasking is almost never the answer to your time management dilemmas.

How can that be? Everyone (especially us Millennials) is proficient in multitasking. You have to be if you want to score a job these days. It’s right there in the requirements.

So how come we all want to multitask? And if we can’t multitask so well, what can we do? Let’s discuss. Read More