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The year 2016 is finally, mercifully, in the books. What was a chaotic year filled with surprises, turmoil and tragedy, is now just a memory, leaving in its wake the promise of an entirely new year.

At the beginning of last year, I made a commitment to avoid making excuses and just get stuff done. Since this was the first full year of Digital Pudding, we couldn’t afford to cut corners, risk shortcuts and overall slack on our responsibilities. Therefore, I dedicated myself to paying attention to the details and giving maximum effort as a way to grow the business. Here’s how we did.

  • We met and surpassed our first-year revenue goals, with a strong finish in December adding 3 new clients. Overall, we worked with thirteen different clients in some capacity, from website development to digital ad management to content strategy. That almost doubles last year’s client number.
  • Unfortunately, we did have to say goodbye to a couple of clients. It’s always painful when that happens, and it takes introspection to understand why. We’re just going to keep trying to do better.
  • We were privileged to welcome a couple new team members to Digital Pudding this year. Always a good thing when you’re building a business from scratch, so long as we keep the forward momentum.
  • Even though it’s just over a year old, our website needs an overhaul. This has been on our agenda for months. We’ve been so focused on maintaining strong results for our clients that it hasn’t been enough of a priority. Not trying to make excuses.
  • Thanks to some diligent effort and smart thinking, we’ve netted some positive press. I’ve been quoted in several articles about digital marketing, which has helped building credibility for our fledgling firm.
  • We failed in our commitment to posting a new article each week. We’re going to try and do better with this in 2017. I mean, we have tons of ideas. It’s just a matter of getting them on paper. To help with this, we’ve planned out many of our articles already this year, scheduling into April.

So, that’s 2016. No excuses. Fair analysis. Good and bad. What’s next?

Setting Goals for the New Year

With twelve entire months of potential ahead of us, here’s some insight into what we’d like to accomplish next:

  • Keep all our current clients
  • Double our revenue
  • Post every week
  • Finish our (effing) website
  • Show off our portfolio of results
  • Launch our new business concept
  • Frame 2017 in a new theme of positivity

Quite a few things to get to in the new year. That’s enough about us, though. What do you think should be the theme for 2017? All recommendations welcome. I’ve even got a few ideas of my own. Stay tuned to find out more.

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