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Marketing as Problem Solving

Since we approach advertising as a challenge that needs to be solved, Digital Pudding can provide advertising solutions for any business, regardless of market, audience or available funds. Every business needs to grow. And thanks to the power of the flexible digital marketplaces, now every business can. A comprehensive advertising plan is within your reach!

When you work with us, we know you’re trusting us to deliver the most value for that hard-earned revenue as we can. And we don’t take that lightly. We’ll exhaust every avenue we can to optimize your advertising and get the most growth out of your budget, whatever the size.

We want you to hold Digital Pudding accountable for the marketing and advertising we do for you. Ask for the results. Challenge us to do better. Feel comfortable with your marketing team. Because your business deserves top-notch service.

The Digital Pudding Marketing Process

Of course, it’s not always easy to identify and solve every problem. Sometimes the solutions are complex and require many pieces. Sometimes the real problems are covered in layers. Sometimes you pick the low-hanging fruit. Sometimes you shoot for the moon. It all depends on the situation.

At Digital Pudding, we’ve broken down how we assess that situation and apply measured marketing as a solution into a three step recipe for sustained success.

Every good partnership begins with a conversation. Our client agreements start the same way. Once you reach out to us, we’ll schedule some time to talk with you about the nature of your business. We need to understand the unique challenges you face in the marketplace. An open discourse is the best way to find out what’s really happening. Expect this to take about an hour.

Having spoken to you, we’ll continue our Prep by exploring the marketplace. We may secret shop your business. We may examine what competitors are doing. We may take a look at trends and how we can get ahead of the curve. At this point, we’re investigating and hypothesizing, as any good scientist would.

After we collect the information we need, we’ll put our heads together at Digital Pudding headquarters and create a unique solution to help solve your challenges. This may include any combination of digital advertising, search engine marketing, social media advertising, remarketing, traditional advertising, website optimization and good old fashioned branding.

While we don’t have divine intervention, we draw on years of experience and industry knowledge to create a targeted and accountable marketing plan. What we do next with that plan, however, is what makes us different from many marketing consultants.

This is the secret ingredient you can only find in Digital Pudding. Once we move forward, we execute our plan with a fastidious dedication to results. Whatever we do needs to be measurable in some way. As part of our process, we determine the stats that matter and optimize everything to meet and surpass those goals.

While we do this, we provide you with ongoing monitoring and analytics on what is and isn’t working every step of the way. This is part of our commitment to ethical, measurable and thoughtful marketing. If our ideas aren’t working, we’ll tell you and come up with better ones. We have nothing to hide and only mediocrity to fear.

Putting Our Process to Work for You

Convinced yet? We hope so! Experience the difference true professional, well thought out marketing can make for your business. Talk to one of our digital strategists today.