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LinkedIn Marketing Has Benefits

Social media marketing is essential to creating a personality for your brand, and perhaps the most boring way to do that is with LinkedIn marketing. Everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous career-centric channel. You probably have a profile right now that you’re not using very often, unless you’re looking to fill an open position or make a sale.

Outside of that, you might check in with it rarely just to see how it changes or update your password. It’s likely not central to your business’ marketing campaign.

This often overlooked social media channel has more potential than a job networking engine. When used properly and interestingly, you could make a case for LinkedIn being the most valuable social network to your marketing strategy. It all depends on what your goals are.

An Excellent Place to Market to Salespeople

For this article, I want to look beyond the obvious uses of LinkedIn. Yes, we all know that it’s a place recruiters look to fill positions. It’s also viewed as business-to-business lead generation channel. And if you’re in the market for a new job, it’s become an invaluable resource.

Did you ever stop to think, though, about the people most likely to use LinkedIn every day? They’re those salespeople, recruiters and job seekers using the platform for those purposes. Leverage that

These power users are highly active every day. They share articles. They contribute to group discussions. They’re looking for people and companies to connect with. You should be there when they’re looking, if they’re who you’re looking for.

Understand that this audience finds value with what LinkedIn provides them and use that to your benefit. Host your own group discussions on topics relevant to your products or services. Offer services that will make it easier for these people to do their jobs. Show that you can be just as valuable for the users in this audience.

They’re already gathered around the watering hole. Give them something that will quench their thirst.

Targeting Valuable Titles with LinkedIn Marketing

There’s a lot that LinkedIn marketing doesn’t get right when it comes to targeting. Ads aren’t served especially well. Audience segments aren’t super defined. There’s one major exception to this targeting blind spot, however.

Nearly every person who uses LinkedIn has listed their current or past job title. It’s a higher percentage of users than exist on any other social media network. That means that for specific B2B companies, your best bet at reaching the right decision maker is through LinkedIn. Now you see why so many salespeople use the platform exclusively.

For a business, you can select specific decision makers at a list of your selected companies and try and reach them exclusively. It’s a way to segment an audience only to those who can ever buy from you. This means you need to know what those titles and companies are. If you do, though, LinkedIn marketing is an excellent way to reach a select list of decision makers.

Make A Difference Through the Noise

LinkedIn’s main advantage outside of its self-selected targeting lies in its novelty. The people who use it regularly are often working when they do. In fact, it’s part of their job. So if you have a brand that’s not especially geared to that,

Remember that every B2B sale is made through a person. People have needs no matter where they are and what they’re doing. So you could catch someone off guard with your marketing message if they see it in a place they don’t expect it, increasing the likelihood they remember it.

This is the theory behind using LinkedIn for general audience marketing. Since the platform is basically a series of business related microblogs, show users something fun and break the monotony of everyone else. Serve up ads for upcoming sports games framing them as a respite from work, for example. Show vacation destinations as a way to escape workaday schedule. Memorable, novel methods of LinkedIn marketing can really rise above the daily droning about job offers and sales quotas.

An Acknowledgement of LinkedIn’s Limitations

LinkedIn Marketing may not be as robust as some of the other social media platforms out there. Daily users aren’t as high as Facebook or even Snapchat. Interactions are shrinking somewhat. Targeting capabilities on ads are lacking. Even ad serving isn’t done especially well in our experience, relegating most ads to a side rail until recently.

LinkedIn will never be a mass market type network, and that’s okay. To a subset of companies, though, it can be a major strategy gamechanger.

As with anything, you really need to understand your objectives before you can weigh the specific advantages different channels may offer in reaching your goals. This look at LinkedIn marketing as a legitimately effective marketing strategy shows you how the right answers to your advertising questions could lie in places you wouldn’t ever think to look.

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