This New York City parents’ resource for the latest in youth sports news had stagnated after its initial launch in 2012. Our challenge was twofold. First we had to figure out a way to break through the clutter and noise around parenting in New York City and establish ourselves as a valuable directory with our own identity. Then, we had to leverage our growing parent database as a way to monetize the website.

While all the listings on the website are proprietary, we needed to figure out how to define a voice. We decided the best strategy was to leverage the power of a lifetime New York City parent and former newspaper reporter to build up website content in the form of first person articles. We also encouraged kids to get involved with a Junior Journalism campaign that aids and promotes rising stars as a way of getting new and unique content on the website. And the annual essay contest has grown each year, giving us newsworthy interest each spring. These are just some of the new ways we’re keeping parents on the site and attracting new visitors.

With a mix of digital advertising and diving into the analytics on our content, we were able to more than double the daily pageviews of the website, triple the email subscriber list and seek major advertising dollars from big brands looking to reach NYC parents. In fact, that essay contest was sponsored by Modell’s Sporting Goods last year. Plus, to help sports programs and other brands better engage with our audience, we began offering several new paid advertising opportunities, including email blasts, featured announcements and sponsored listings on the website. These remain exclusive and are sought after by many programs.