This transportation company rents limos and party buses from its base in West Babylon, NY. They also have a satellite brand that exclusively runs wine tours of Long Island’s East End, making this two clients in one, each with unique needs and goals.

The Problem

The party bus business is very competitive and, while the wine tours are lucrative, they only fill buses one or two days a week, and only during the summer season. The website for Long Island Party Bus was an absolute mess, requiring significant work before we could galvanize that half of the business. At the same time, the company was actively marketing their wine tours using Google AdWords and seeing a diminishing return on their investment.

In essence, there were two objectives here. We had to straighten out all existing campaigns, then we had to figure out how to fill limos and buses more days a week with new and creative promotions through the Long Island Party Bus brand. All of that with an extremely limited budget to make it happen.

How We Helped

This was one of the more complex challenges we’ve had to tackle. First thing, we took over their existing AdWords account, which was a mess. We then spent time overhauling the entire campaign, rewriting ads to fit formats, including ad extensions and reevaluaing their keyword strategy.

Second, to drum up more interest in the wine tours, we engaged in a creative Facebook ad campaign targeted to some of the key demographics that love sunny days in wine country: Bachelorettes and Birthday Girls.

All of this was done under the wine tour subsidiary branding. When we got to Long Island Party Bus, the website needed everything. New content was created. A new design was implemented. Client photos pulled from their Yelp account were used to bring the website to life. We covered the basics before moving on to the next phase. We also launched a new Facebook presence for this brand at the same time.

Once we had a minimum viable website, we started to build out pages for specific campaigns, including proms, rides for concerts, sports tailgating and the Wine Hookup singles bus. Those each needed their own mix of AdWords, email marketing and Facebook advertising, coming up with novel targets for each.

The Results

Their campaign AdWords clickthru rate nearly doubled under our guidance, jumping from 3.25% all the way up to 6.45% in a few months. Cost per click held steady at right around a dollar. Click totals tended to fluctuate with the budget which we didn’t fully control. Overall, though, we were able to increase the effectiveness of the ads and generate more revenue for the same spend.

The Facebook advertising we’ve done for the wine tours continues to be popular. Each click to the website costs about a dollar, right in line with AdWords, and they’re converting well. One particular ad creative has nearly 100 shares and over a thousand interactions altogether. That doesn’t even speak to how much new business the campaign has generated.

The website for Long Island Party Bus continues to evolve as we add new initiatives. While the Wine Hookup singles bus flopped, we’re seeing strong business for proms and interest in our football season packages. Couple that with renewed focus on weekday tours and we’re starting to fill up every day of the week.