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The People Who Make The Pudding Possible

Tom Cameron


Lose yourself in our president's steely blue eyes

Our founder’s unique perspective and combination of practical experience, honest energy and unbridled optimism sets the tone for all the work we’re proud to produce on behalf of our clients. Tom earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and English from Tulane University shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit the city. He went on to work as a copywriter at a New Orleans radio station, collaborating with small businesses and local brands reeling from the after effects of the storm, doing his part to rebuild the economy of a devastated community.

Around this time, Tom also learned he had mild autism, which could have been a devastating setback but became a major strength. While he will never be the most personable guy in the room, he offers insight into business challenges that other marketing professionals simply overlook. That would come in handy down the line as a trusted adviser to businesses and multinational brands like MARS and AIG.

Tom moved back to his native New York to work at a well-known branding and marketing agency in Westchester. Originally hired as a copywriter, he built a new digital media department from scratch. He took the initiative to learn the intricate workings of Google AdWords, unlock the potential of Facebook advertising and figure out programmatic buying on a small scale. Those practical skills, coupled with the life skills earned earlier in his career, vaulted him from copywriter to vice president in a few short years.

His time at the near top of the company would come to an end when he identified the need for an honest and accountable marketing agency to help local businesses get the most from their advertising. In 2015, he founded Digital Pudding and has led our team since. Some technical credentials include Google AdWords certification 3 years running, WordPress and Hubspot CMS training, and extensive familiarity with analytics properties and advanced statistics.

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you believe you have what it takes, send us a note and we'll give you instructions on how to send us your resume.