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My first Labor Day on the executive side of the marketing profession was spent predictably. Three straight days in my office. It was a glorious way to say goodbye to summer, and I truly mean that.

How can that possibly be? Long hours, tight deadlines and impossible challenges typify the marketing industry. Isn’t it just a never ending torture treadmill? Not if you have motor.

If you don’t run in sports circles you may never have heard that term as it refers to a person, yet it’s the perfect way to explain what it takes to really break through when you work in marketing. It takes more than academic knowledge and a willingness to learn (although those are part of it). It takes motor to really make it work and enjoy the ride.

Motor is the blend of drive, knowledge and hustle that unlocks the impossible. It breaks boundaries. It shatters expectations. It turns any situation into a favorable one by smart execution and sheer determination of will. It drives someone at the same pace when times are tough and when things are going well. In short, motor is what makes working in marketing a magical experience.

Here are some of the ways motor combats the constant churn of the marketing industry while providing high energy people a place to thrive.

Making Fast Marketing Possible

We’ve explained the benefits of fast marketing before. Motor somewhat related to this concept. Maintaining a high energy level helps keep up your speed when accomplishing new goals.

Not everyone can go fast. Staying on top of trends, executing strategies and planning three steps ahead takes a lot of energy. Yet that’s what it really takes to stand out with your marketing.

On the flip side, not everyone can slow down either. If you enjoy maintaining your speed in a fast-paced ever changing industry, marketing will welcome you with open arms.

Motor Promotes Rhythm

Sometimes, my motor runs a little too hot. In fact, I have often run ahead of my very own clients in the past. So to counteract this natural tendency, I use my energy to develop a rhythm.

When you run with a high level of motor, you have to learn to control it. Harnessing the raw potential of all that energy takes some work, though once you do you reach a sort of next level zone of achievement. Dips in workflow don’t exist because you constantly move on to the next objective. Tasks and objectives simply get done. You refill your list and keep running without having to stop for a break.

I’m not advocating for a Marissa Mayer style 130-hour work week. There are times when you will need to pause and refresh. So long as you maintain that motor, you’ll easily be able to get back into the swing of things when you return and redevelop that rhythm.

Where There’s Motor, There’s a Way

One of the less realized advantages of having a high motor is your ability to cobble together an answer when the question isn’t even all that clear. You will not be stopped on your way to figuring out what’s going on, what you can do about it and what it will take to make a project into a success. It doesn’t matter how many permutations of the problem you need to go through before you resolve on the solution.

Constant rejection and failure is common to sales and marketing positions. You’ll often not live up to the goals you’ve set. You’ll lose clients. Your business might shrink. The difference is how you respond to those challenges. If you have a high motor, you’ll persevere all the way through to high achievement, however you need to get there.

That breakthrough after so many rounds of defeat can be a transcendent experience. It makes the journey that much more worthwhile. And it makes the pursuit of the next one divine.

Keep Moving On

For all the reasons listed above, this is a difficult industry in which to be successful. Motor makes it possible. It separates the technicians from the magicians of marketing.

As Digital Pudding continues to expand, we’re going to look for individuals with that unique blend that exemplifies motor. This one, crucial yet ambiguous trait can spell the difference between success and defeat. Understand it and embrace it.

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