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This week in the Proof Reading blog we’re going to try a little something different. Tom Cameron was invited to speak at the local chapter of Master Networks, an organization where motivated professionals connect, grow and prosper. Our chapter meets at a local coffeeshop for now as we search for a permanent home for our 20+ active members. We’ve been a part of the group for a few months and this was our first opportunity to address everyone. We didn’t disappoint.

In this showcase presentation, Tom takes attendees through the recipe for Digital Pudding. It’s a metaphor that hits on all the key things that make our company different from other marketing and advertising agencies. We run through our core beliefs, showcase our background and even take time to explain our process thanks to a successfully planted audience member. Our recipe is one build big results, or so we believe. Watch the video and make your own determinations.

The audio quality is poor. The lighting is terrible. Tom talks fast. We know these things. Yet, use this as an example of our creative thinking, unique approach and attention to detail in presenting digital marketing solutions.

A rough transcript of the presentation follows:

Good morning everyone! I’m Tom Cameron and by now I’m sure you know I’m the president of online marketing and advertising agency Digital Pudding. Every week in my soundbite I tell you why I gave my company such silly name. Usually, it’s some throw away explanation or pudding pun that doesn’t make sense until you really think about it.

Today, I’d like to show you something different. We’re going to learn how to make Digital Pudding. So everyone, take one of the recipe cards out of the aprons there in front of you, put on your hat, get your spoons ready as we go through the step by step process of producing great digital marketing results.

Like many recipes, we’re going to start by assembling a base. This base is going to be the fundamental foundation for everything that comes after it. Without your base, everything falls flat.

So Digital Pudding’s base is made entirely from Ethics. In our opinion, these should be the base of any advertising or marketing products and if they’re not, it’ll probably make you and your business sick. So make sure any marketing chefs out there pride themselves on their Ethics and makes that the focus of every dish.

Okay now, when making Digital Pudding, you want a nice THICK base. Thick, in this instance, stands for:

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Clarity
  • Knowledge

Combine these five ingredients together, blending honesty with integrity. Add your desired amount of clarity and transparency. Now, I like a lot of transparency. Others don’t. That’s fine. Just so long as it’s there. Then, layer in your knowledge to get that nice thick and robust base.

After you’ve got your base assembled, you want to add in some extra special ingredients. The kind that you add by feel to balance out a dish and really bring certain flavors to the forefront.

Usually, these things are kept secret, or they’re something generic like creativity or futurism or something like that that you can’t really quantify. But I’m going to let you in on the secret of making the best Digital Pudding.

We call our special blend of herbs and spices the Optics. This is because I literally see things differently than you do. I have a mild form of autism that makes me extra super good at some things like inventive problem solving and pattern recognition and really poor at other things like personal communication. In fact, this whole presentation itself is causing me tremendous anxiety. Hence all the props.

Here’s what that means, though. Our solutions to marketing problems are very unique. This super ability to uncover patterns and these critical thinking skills can make the difference between bland, ordinary marketing like your competition and true, bona fide Digital Pudding.

Furthermore, my life experience has taken me to some pretty difficult places. I lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a resident of New Orleans. I lost a steady job as a result of the most recent recession. I’ve had to come to terms with the unfortunate medical diagnosis I just told y’all about. And you know what? That adds flavor to the dish, too.

One of our most important secret ingredients is hustle. Going the extra mile. The sprinkles in your pudding cup. It means not stopping when things don’t go as planned and being resourceful enough to find alternative means to accomplish goals. So when we serve marketing campaigns to clients, they always come with a side of hustle.

Okay so now we’ve created the Ethics base. We’ve added some special Optics. Now, how do you cook this thing, exactly? That’s for the Metrics to tell you.

Here’s the tricky thing about Digital Pudding. You can assemble the ingredients perfectly. If you’re not paying attention to your Metrics, the whole thing is going to taste a little off.

So what are the Metrics? These are the underlying statistics that let you know what’s happening in your campaign. Things like impressions, click rates, website analytics and such. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. It’s all recorded. And when you look at campaign Metrics both on the whole and in isolation, they tell you different things. So it’s up to the chef to make sense of it all.

Now, you want to watch the metrics and adjust your recipe until you get to The Proof. This is when you can point to what you’ve made and said “Hey, look, that’s positive ROI” That’s how you know you’ve made a delicious batch of Digital Pudding. And let me tell you, when you get to The Proof, it’s oh so sweet. That’s enough of a reward for us. To create marketing we can be proud of.

So that’s the secret. That’s how we make Digital Pudding. Follow this recipe card for extra tasty marketing results. I gave you a few so please share this recipe with a friend. Use it to make:

  • Website copy
  • Content strategies
  • Adwords campaigns
  • Facebook ads
  • Programmatic
  • Remarketing
  • Social media
  • Anything online

You can go to the website to get more information on how to make it, that’s digital pudding dot co or just call the hotline if you’re having trouble. I’m open to questions so now what’s on your mind?

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