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A couple weeks ago I presented a birthday retrospective with some of our accomplishments and wishes for the new year. One of those goals is to add to the Digital Pudding team. As demand for our services has increased consistently, we need to increase capacity to address client needs. I mean, we don’t really want to turn people away because we’re too busy. That’s bad for business.

I really wanted to keep going at the current pace, but the workload as just become unmanageable for the current set up. In deciding to find help to offload some of that work, I was given some great advice I hadn’t considered. First, create a picture of what you want someone to do before you ask them to do it. A job description. Such a simple solution.

Here’s what we’re looking for someone to do in 2018 as the next member of the Digital Pudding team.

Brainstorm Creative Ways To Solve Problems

The number one thing I miss about working at a large agency is the creative process. A team of individuals bouncing ideas off of each other fueled by coffee (or water for me) and takeout, on a deadline. High pressure situations that yielded exceptional work.

We don’t do nearly enough of that at Digital Pudding (yet). A lot of the work we do is relatively simple stuff in digital marketing like social management, display ads, email marketing and Google AdWords. Nothing too exciting, yet all very valuable.

Three years in, we could use some fresh perspective when it comes to problem solving, so whoever joins our team needs to have some good critical thinking skills and also enough familiarity with digital marketing to know what makes a good campaign idea. The rest can be taught.

Manage Social Media Daily

My number-one time suck on any given day is plotting social media. I look for content and write posts constantly. And due to my information-seeking nature, sometimes I get pulled into the clickhole and can’t find a way out for hours. Simply offloading the responsibility to write and schedule social posts and just manage someone else doing it would free up so many more resources to focus on other client tasks.

The good news is that finding people who use social media daily isn’t all that difficult anymore. Nearly everyone does it. We just need to have someone who will use our philosophies to guide their post creation on behalf of brands.

Strong, disciplined writers are needed for this. We can teach the conventions of social media. At least, we did it for students at Mercy College last semester.

Create Reports & Format Proposals

So much of our time is spent creating proposals and signature Proof Reports. We have a formula for doing all of it. It just takes several hours a week to compile data, research competition and put it all on paper.

This sort of combines the skills of the first two asks. You’ll need to be able to think creatively and write well. Plus, you should have a knack for research, utilizing the web as your best friend for finding any information you don’t already know. We can teach you how to ask the right questions and format your answers. Just come with an inquisitive spirit. And knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Other Good Skills To Have

And that’s not all! Here’s another grab bag of traits we could use on the Digital Pudding team.

  • An Open Mind
  • Ability to Articulate Thought Confidently
  • Understanding of Technology
  • Understanding of Statistics
  • Well-Developed Social Network
  • Unique Perspectives
  • Presentation Skills
  • Photoshop or Graphic Design Ability
  • Video Editing? (I’m getting greedy)

Yeah, this may be a unicorn we’re looking for. I understand. No one is going to check all those boxes. This is just the ideal candidate.

Notice a few things we left out though. We don’t care about your education. We don’t care about your previous experience. Your resume isn’t going through an automated screener. It’s going to be reviewed by a real person. And that real person is who you’re going to report to and who will teach you the ways of ethical digital marketing.

What we want is someone who can give great effort and insight while following the systems and processes we’ve developed over the last few years. Those processes have already brought us to this successful point. Let’s replicate those results and grow together.

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