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Definitely not Sonic, but also definitely not trademark infringement

I’ve wanted to write something about fast marketing for a while. My personal hero growing up (and maybe still today) was Sonic the Hedgehog. Why? Many reasons, but mostly because of speed. I’ve always wanted to be fast. Run fast. Think fast. Work fast. Do everything fast.

For 25 years, I’ve followed the Hall of Fame game character on a quest to improve my own speed and efficiency. It’s helped me create a value system and overall lifestyle that combines equal parts precision and velocity.

This obsession with speed has carried over into what the marketing team at Digital Pudding does. What can fast marketing do for you? Some really wonderful things.

Fast Marketing Lowers Expenses

In the billing article, we mentioned that many of our clients pay us by the hour, like a common mechanic or accountant. What we didn’t talk about is how few hours we bill for each month.

When you do something fast, you spend less time doing it, allowing you to do more with your day. That also means we don’t charge clients as much time to complete tasks. By fitting more into each billable hour, you get more bang for your buck. You’ll also save money trusting someone to do more in less time.

For example, a website strategy, design and build might run you over 100 hours at any local marketing company. Billing the same rate hourly, if we come in at 75 hours for the same project, you’ll save yourself 25% right off the top. Plus, you’ll have your website that much sooner. Just another benefit of fast marketing.

Keep Up with Digital Marketing Trends

Fast marketing is more than how much you can pack into each hour. It’s also about your reaction time. Every day, the digital marketing landscape changes at breakneck speed. Keeping up with those changes can make all the difference between staying ahead of the curve (or Shuttle Loop) and getting left behind.

It’s not all about speed of work. Reaction time is part of what makes fast marketing so powerful. Understanding campaign results in real time and getting in front of shifting customer demands before your competition will make a huge difference in how effective your marketing can be. Fast reflexes are crucial to fast marketing.

In fact, the rapid pace of the digital marketing landscape is what drew me to the field originally. You gotta go fast if you’re going to be successful doing it. It’s like I’ve been training my entire life for this industry.

Speed Doesn’t Always Sacrifice Quality

It’s true that most people cut corners on rush jobs. This can lead to poor results overall if you’re pushing on a tight timeframe. Work that you’ll have to redo once you realize that timeframe isn’t realistic.

Fast marketing can be all three, if you do it right
The Project Paradox

Yet, just because you’re going fast doesn’t mean you’re going to make mistakes. Years of practice working on fast-paced projects and tight deadlines has given us experience working at ludicrous speed. I’ve personally managed teams that have built complex websites in a single month. We know how to focus our time. We know how to structure the project. Basically, we know where to spend our time for the fastest and best results.

When executed the right way, fast marketing accomplishes more in less time for less money. It knows where to focus, it stays ahead of trends and it requires less manpower than it might otherwise. It isn’t easy, though, and takes a lot of practice working at a high level to cultivate the skill necessary to perform so fast. That’s why we’re so dedicated to achieving big things on small timelines.

So when you’re evaluating your marketing team, make sure to add speed to the mix. And if you find you’re too slow, we’re happy to help out.

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