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We can help entrepreneurs with penmanship, too

As marketing consultants, we help entrepreneurs of all kinds. Everyone from those running their first startups to the serial entrepreneur on his twelfth venture in the past 6 months. They’re dreamers. They’re revolutionaries. They’re demanding. They’re relentless. And they’re amazing.

We love working with entrepreneurs for the sheer joy and passion they bring to every project. And we’re always impressed that there are new ideas out there in the world just begging to see the light of day.

However, when you have an entrepreneur’s free-thinking mindset, with your eyes on the big picture, little oversights can derail a project. We’ve seen it happen. We’ve also seen it coming, successfully avoided them, and kept on moving toward our launch and growth goals. How? By finding a way to help entrepreneurs do what they do best.

You’re the Visionary; We’re Your Missionaries

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision. Usually, it’s crystallized by a few simple concepts that no one else could see. “I want to be the X for Y” or “I want to sell Z to A through B” or something like that. That vision guides your every decision in building a business from nothing. It’s your mission.

Along the way, that vision inspires others to be as passionate for your project as you are. These are the people who “get it” when you explain it and want to help you build on it. They contribute their talents to the cause, whatever they may be. They aren’t looking for praise. They want to be a part of the next big thing. These are your missionaries.

Visionaries and missionaries have a symbiotic relationship. Visionary entrepreneurs chart the way and direct the ship. Missionaries help entrepreneurs carry out their vision. To keep with the nautical metaphor, they’re the ones propelling and keeping it on course under the guidance of Captain Visionary. One can’t reach their goals without the other, and vice versa.

When building a startup or new business, you need to assemble a team of missionaries that complement your leadership. Success depends on the unsung heroes that share your passion and make everything work behind the scenes. They handle all the little things that you might overlook and could otherwise sink your venture.

In fact, now that you mention it…

Detailed Strategies Help Entrepreneurs Focus

Getting the vision out of your visionary head can be difficult. How practical is this idea? Who will buy it? Where are the hurdles that wait along our path to launch? What are you missing? As the visionary leader, you don’t want to think about these questions. You want to plan for expansion, growth and the next level. Yet these questions are so vital to answer if you ever want to get beyond step one.

A team of missionaries can help entrepreneurs flesh out ideas fully before getting too far. They’re a sounding board with a different way of thinking that will work through the technical aspects of an idea beyond your simple mission statement. This is crucial if you’re going to grow a business from nothing.

Outlining how everything will work in a perfect world will help you see where things could possibly come apart. This forces you to fill in important blanks before they can impact a business model. Things like program schematics, touchpoint maps, media plans, POV reports and other detailed strategies can make the difference between an idea that’s lackluster and one that’s a blockbuster.

As an added bonus, a formal strategy will help entrepreneurs concentrate on the big picture, as opposed to the minute details that cloud their free-thinking brains. Since the details are all down and everyone understands the goals, your team of missionaries can get to work while you’re planning three moves ahead.

Hands-On Marketing that Does What It Takes

A detailed strategy only works as well as the people who execute it. Talent is important, of course. Although, if you’re launching a startup or any new business, your team of missionaries better be willing to go above and beyond the call.

You wear multiple hats as the de facto leader of the project. Ideas are coming to you rapid fire. When you ask for something to get done, it needs to get done. You don’t have the time to do it yourself (or else you would, right?) so it’s up to your team to pick you up. There can’t be any fretting about how to get started or that it isn’t within your capabilities. Get it done and be ready for the next task.

Resources are limited. Time is fleeting. Strategies adapt. Everyone has to pitch in and do what it takes to make a project successful. That means pivoting, shifting roles, refocusing, pivoting again, revising strategy, assessing the market and changing direction when needed. Life is moving at the speed of business. Only those that can keep up need apply.

On-Demand Marketing Help Entrepreneurs Count On

Our team does more than help entrepreneurs execute their vision. We’re the doers you can count on to execute a strategy. We’ve led those war-room sessions. We’ve run hackathons. We know what it means take an idea to the next level. Rather than stand on the sidelines and tell everyone else what to do, we dig in and fight the everyday battles with you.

Think of us as your on-call missionaries. The work is often thankless. And much of it gets done behind the scenes. And new issues crop up seemingly every day. But nothing’s more satisfying than when we help entrepreneurs build something from the beginning and see it come to fruition. It’s part of what makes this job so rewarding.

We aren’t the big-picture thinkers you are. And we don’t need to be. Because what you really need is a team who will understand your vision, get behind you, help you fill in the details, then give it everything they’ve got to turn passion into profit.

Sounds easy, right? Then let’s get to work.

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