Transparency from an SEO professional

What Your SEO Professional Won’t Tell You

Every single business with which we talk wants to work with an SEO professional. In fact, we’re often asked about how we can help with SEO. They believe search engine optimization is this magic tool which is the key to unlocking unlimited growth potential. It’s not that easy, and it can’t be that easy.

We don’t advertise SEO as a service. That said, we know enough about it to tell you when you’re getting a raw deal from your SEO professional. Here’s what we’ve learned after working in the digital space for years. Read More

If I Could Have Waited

It’s officially been two years since Digital Pudding became a thing. In that time, so much has changed. The industry has changed. Our outlook and philosophies have changed. I’ve changed. Even the circumstances resulting in the founding of Digital Pudding have changed.

It’s getting difficult to remember what life was like back then, which I guess is a good thing as we experience more success. The struggle of creating something from nothing, pouring countless hours and tireless effort into a fledgling digital marketing agency, unsure what’s going to happen next. I don’t miss those days. These days are much better. And we’re proud to have made it to two years old.

There’s something that’s been nagging me, though. What if I didn’t? What if I never jumped? Or if I never learned from my mistakes and poured that knowledge into a different type of digital agency?

It’s impossible to rewrite history like that. Yet I’m a fan of thought exercises. So let’s think. How would life be different if I didn’t take the road less traveled and stayed the course? Read More

Trio of New Clients Added in September

This year has been slow, hasn’t it? At least it has around our office. After attracting three new clients at the end of 2016, we haven’t had much in the way of new business. That just changed in a big way.

We’ve been very busy over the past couple months in an effort to finish 2017 strong. Finally, we can point to some actual results of this increased attention to business development. Three new clients officially joined the Digital Pudding family, all within the last two weeks.

Here’s a roundup of the new clients we’ve signed in the past month. Read More

New Social Media Marketing Center Likes Us

Social media management is a very important part of the content distribution strategy for many of our clients. It’s not enough to simply create something new like an article or video. You have to push it to your audience and get them to see it. Social media platforms can also be great ways to curate content and engage in customer service, almost as if your brand is a real live person. At least, that’s how we’ve always treated them. Seems like it’s not just our clients who follow this approach.

Mercy College has enlisted the help of our president Tom Cameron in building their brand new Social Media Marketing Center, where students are put in charge of the social media accounts of actual NYC businesses. Tom’s role in this will be to oversee student work and interface with clients, providing the bridge between the two. He’s also going to be teaching students the fundamentals of professional social media management, with insight drawn from years of experience.

Digital Pudding client Big City Volleyball will also be involved in the new center, allowing students to practice their newfound skills on their social media channels. We anticipate they’ll also get a host of new ideas on ways to leverage the power of social, enhance their brand and speak to their community as a result of this collaboration. Everyone is looking forward to the opportunity and promise of this new program, which is set to begin September 12th.

Algorithms Gave Us Charlottesville

We’re all still trying to process what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. You probably know white nationalists met with otherwise peaceful protesters, resulting in several deaths. By now, you’d think we were over this kind of outward racial animosity. We were wrong.

What was striking was the appearance of the average marcher. All looked young. All looked like they had some means, as if they could fit into any crowd in America without being noticed. Yet at the same time, they could harbor this hate and spread their misinformation. Such is the nature of the internet communities that fan these flames.

There’s a hidden culprit, though. One that fomented the flames faster than any man could. Predictive algorithms took what might have started as a simple curiosity and turned it into outright hatred through a series of escalating and insulating options. And that doesn’t bode well as we move to an even more digital future. Read More