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I have a December birthday. Have all my life. In fact, it’s today, as luck would have it. I made it around the sun one more time. Congratulate me, I guess.

It’s actually been an extremely eventful year at Digital Pudding. One that’s been defined by new challenges. Some of the things we’re proud of accomplishing in 2017 include:

  • Partnering with the Mercy College Social Media Marketing Center
  • Joining the Yorktown chapter of Master Networks
  • Bringing six new clients into the fold for various projects
  • Securing the rights to a .com website (more to come on that in 2018)
  • Growing our service capacity through strategic partnerships
  • Maintaining a profitable agency for the third year in a row

And there’s still a few weeks left in the year too. Anything can happen between now and December 31st to change the course of the business for 2018. In fact, it’s very likely.

So now that we’ve entered the last month of the year, here are a few of my birthday wishes for Digital Pudding in the coming months. Even though I’m going to tell you what they are, I still have faith they’ll all come true.

I Wish For Help

Growth is what any business wants. We’ve really had a lot of success with that. Such is the case when you consistently produce work you can be proud of and keep clients happy. Through referrals and networking

With all that comes a lot more to do every day. There’s only so much digital marketing we can manage at our current capacity. That means we need to increase capacity.

It’s time to grow the Digital Pudding team. Revenue is stable and demand is increasing. We’re going to look for some more people to help us serve clients and create insightful campaigns. People who are as dedicated to honest and ethical marketing as I am. More on that coming in the next post.

I Wish For Clarity

Maybe with some help I’ll be able to focus a little better on the future. One thing that’s been lacking at Digital Pudding forward thinking vision. We’re so busy managing daily tasks that it’s hard to see to the end of the week, much less months or years in advance.

Now, our services have been in demand and that’s great. Yet when you’re really busy, certain things get put on the back burner. Priority is the day’s crisis. Anything further out on the timeline can wait until an uncertain tomorrow.

A treadmill is no way to run a business. Here’s hoping for a little more calm, which yields more time for introspection and planning. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and stay there.

I Wish For Results

Try as we might, not every campaign we run is successful. Or, at least, not as successful as we’d like it to be. Sometimes, we project incorrectly. Sometimes, there are unforeseen circumstances. Either way, it’s disappointing when we can’t produce the way we want.

So, as I do every year, I hope we have more successful campaigns in 2018. Even if we were 100% on our hit rate, I’d still hope we could do better next year. This is my plea to the powers beyond my control to help us continue to serve clients well and generate positive returns on digital marketing.

Proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Wishing Everyone A Better 2018

Every year is filled with ups and downs. Some more than others. Some can even give you whiplash. Nevertheless, we want to do better in 2018. Call us greedy.

Even if the year was great beyond your wildest dreams, you can hope to do better next year. By all accounts, my 2017 was pretty incredible, with some major clients coming in, exciting business deals and a lot of off-the-clock events happening. I’m still driven to achieve more. Those are our goals for the coming year. What are yours?

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