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Last week brought the shocking revelation that I, the founder and leader of this marketing agency, have autism. While probably no surprise to anyone who has met me for more than five minutes, it’s something of a relief having that out there. So, now what? Can it really be a marketing advantage? We think so.

Not much attention is paid to adults with autism, even less to those who are high-functioning. Everyone seems to be more concerned with how it affects children and what we can do to help them. Perhaps it’s because many believe we can reverse the effects in kids and turn them into normal people. That’s a bad idea.

In fact, in my 30 Thoughts piece from 2015, I argue that autism is an evolutionarily adaptive trait. Not full on non-verbal autism. That can be extremely damaging to all involved. Mild autism like mine, though helps a person be better prepared for life in the digital age. That could be one reason the rate of autism is climbing (although my money’s on better diagnostics).

Hear me out. As we develop more technologically, nuanced and subjective interpersonal communications are less important. Text messages, Snapchat and the like are changing the ways we interact. There are more codified rules to be followed, patterns to be discovered and algorithms to understand. An autistic brain has an advantage in figuring these things out and thriving in the digital space. And have I mentioned this is a digital marketing agency recently? So, in that sense, it’s a marketing advantage.

This isn’t a new idea. Researchers have been saying this for years. Employers have even gotten on the train, too. It still needs to be said, louder and more frequently, so that more people understand autism isn’t always something to be feared; it’s an enormous advantage in digital marketing.

Here are just a few of the ways autism informs the marketing advantage we give to our clients.


I can’t lie. I mean, I can, but it’s so transparent I’ve learned I’m better off sticking to the truth. Little things here and there tend to unravel and I’m left holding the bag. It’s not worth the trouble.

That’s why I stick to honest dealings whenever I can. This principle guides everything from our copy to our contracts. Be honest. Be real. Dedication to the truth even manifests itself in Digital Pudding’s commitment to ethics as one of our major values.

What That Means For You

An honest, fair and transparent partnership where we hide nothing and tell it like it is. A free exchange of ideas between parties. Accountability where it matters. No legal troubles. No ethical dilemmas. No hidden anything, for better or worse.


One of the key characteristics of autism is a tendency toward obsession. That’s a tendency we leverage here as we dive into each unique business who trusts us to help them grow. With a diverse roster of clients, it requires that passionate level of focus to keep everything straight and objectives on target.

Obsession can also manifest itself in an eye for imperfections. Combine that with superior pattern recognition skills and you have a quality control and customer service machine. How does that sound as a marketing advantage?

What That Means For You

In-depth understanding and scrutiny of your business. Unwavering attention to detail. Passion for getting even the littlest things right, because it reflects poorly on everyone when they’re not.


I know relationships are important; it’s just tough to figure out how to form them. Because bonds are so difficult to form, those who are autistic tend to make extremely loyal companions. We value each person who gives us a chance that much more than someone who sees friends come and go.

Clients, too. Our boutique firm attracts only a few leads. And they stay for a long time. Some for as long as we’ve been around. Why? Because we go above and beyond even the terms of our contracts. There’s extra effort baked in to every agreement we make. After all, we don’t really know where the line is, so we have to try harder.

What That Means For You

Full-on dedication to you, your brand and your company, going above and beyond expectations. It also means a ton of scope creep for us, but that’s our problem.

Use Our Power to Your Marketing Advantage

These are just some of the ways we leverage autism as a marketing advantage in digital advertising. IT helps with tedious things like Google AdWords and other online campaigns. It helps understand the nexus point of the digital and real worlds. You could even argue that it could help turn customer service into a more standard process, cutting waste and optimizing for best results. The possibilities are limitless.

You won’t know what marketing advantage we can give you without talking to us, though. It might be an awkward conversation, the first of many to be sure. If you can get past that presentation, you’ll see the benefits. And tangible results will follow in short order.

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