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Marketing Consultants Who Mean Business

There are plenty of marketing firms and advertising agencies out there. Why bother with another one? Because we see things differently. Not just as a marketing gimmick. It’s what we believe.

To us, clients are not unintelligent fools who don’t understand marketing or life in general, existing only to fund our operation. They’re business men and women who turn to us as trusted partners. Why? Because they need perspective on how to grow their brand, sell more customers and turn and idea into a success.

With over a decade of experience in cutting-edge digital advertising, social media, email marketing as well as traditional advertising like print media, television and radio, trust Digital Pudding to provide you with a well thought out marketing strategy. Whatever challenges you face, whoever your audience is or wherever you stand in the market, we’ll be your advisors, talking with you (not at you) about how we can make demonstrable strides to grow your business.

We’re marketers on a mission to restore some honesty, integrity and accountability to the bloated world of advertising consulting. It’s what the client deserves.

A Sweet Suite of Digital Marketing Services

Campaigns we manage come in all shapes and sizes. Since we look at marketing as problem solving, we ask questions and research the situation so we can fully understand the challenges you face. Then, we use the power of measured advertising to build a plan specifically tailored to meet your business goals. This might include:

Because Proof Matters in Marketing

It’s one thing to pride yourself on marketing that’s pretty. Advertising that generates buzz. Digital initiatives that make you feel good. It’s another thing to attribute your marketing to a measurable increase in sales. That’s what we call The Proof.

By searching on The Proof, Digital Pudding forces itself to outperform average. As we manage your advertising campaign, we constantly search for new opportunities and optimize to get the most out of even small ad spends. We’re also laser focused on generating better and better results, defined by metrics we can both agree are important to business growth. Not just sales, but not just clicks. What lies in between, that’s what we’re looking for.

Furthermore, finding The Proof means transparent reporting without hidden fees. You always have the right to challenge us on what we do and why we do it. In fact, we encourage that type of open discourse. After all, it’s your business at stake.

Our aim is clear: to provide maximal advertising ROI. Good marketing isn’t good enough. Digital Pudding does better.