How to Make Digital Pudding, a Video Guide

This week in the Proof Reading blog we’re going to try a little something different. Tom Cameron was invited to speak at the local chapter of Master Networks, an organization where motivated professionals connect, grow and prosper. Our chapter meets at a local coffeeshop for now as we search for a permanent home for our 20+ active members. We’ve been a part of the group for a few months and this was our first opportunity to address everyone. We didn’t disappoint.

In this showcase presentation, Tom takes attendees through the recipe for Digital Pudding. It’s a metaphor that hits on all the key things that make our company different from other marketing and advertising agencies. We run through our core beliefs, showcase our background and even take time to explain our process thanks to a successfully planted audience member. Our recipe is one build big results, or so we believe. Watch the video and make your own determinations. Read More

If I Could Have Waited

It’s officially been two years since Digital Pudding became a thing. In that time, so much has changed. The industry has changed. Our outlook and philosophies have changed. I’ve changed. Even the circumstances resulting in the founding of Digital Pudding have changed.

It’s getting difficult to remember what life was like back then, which I guess is a good thing as we experience more success. The struggle of creating something from nothing, pouring countless hours and tireless effort into a fledgling digital marketing agency, unsure what’s going to happen next. I don’t miss those days. These days are much better. And we’re proud to have made it to two years old.

There’s something that’s been nagging me, though. What if I didn’t? What if I never jumped? Or if I never learned from my mistakes and poured that knowledge into a different type of digital agency?

It’s impossible to rewrite history like that. Yet I’m a fan of thought exercises. So let’s think. How would life be different if I didn’t take the road less traveled and stayed the course? Read More