Trio of New Clients Added in September

This year has been slow, hasn’t it? At least it has around our office. After attracting three new clients at the end of 2016, we haven’t had much in the way of new business. That just changed in a big way.

We’ve been very busy over the past couple months in an effort to finish 2017 strong. Finally, we can point to some actual results of this increased attention to business development. Three new clients officially joined the Digital Pudding family, all within the last two weeks.

Here’s a roundup of the new clients we’ve signed in the past month. Read More

Transparency from an SEO professional

What Your SEO Professional Won’t Tell You

Every single business with which we talk wants to work with an SEO professional. In fact, we’re often asked about how we can help with SEO. They believe search engine optimization is this magic tool which is the key to unlocking unlimited growth potential. It’s not that easy, and it can’t be that easy.

We don’t advertise SEO as a service. That said, we know enough about it to tell you when you’re getting a raw deal from your SEO professional. Here’s what we’ve learned after working in the digital space for years. Read More