That Moment When You Realize You're Too Smart For Your Own Good

On Being Too Smart For Your Own Good

At Digital Pudding, we pride ourselves on smart and accountable marketing. And fast marketing, too, but that’s not what this is about. I’m going to go into what happens when we’re too smart for our own good.

And it does happen. A lot. Too much probably. Why? Who knows. When you’re out there trying to forge an identity as a reputable player in a sea of sharks, you might overshare a bit to prove you’re still a worthy participant. But being too smart for your own good can get you eaten alive if you’re not careful. At least, that’s what’s happened to us. Read More

You can still load a .co website on any computer

Our Life as a .co Website

Digital Pudding is a fairly new company with a different philosophy on marketing. Founded in 2015, we were late to the domain registration party. So, even though we loved the name and concept, we had to settle on the top-level domain. While we could have had pretty much any domain other than a .com, we settled on a .co website.

Our original thinking was that it’s similar enough to a .com that maybe people won’t notice. At least it won’t look like a cheap knockoff. There’s little mainstream use of the .co website other than as a URL shortening agent, really (,, for example). We could totally pull it off as our main URL.

What have the results been 2+ years into the experiment? They’re mixed. Here’s what you can learn from our experience so far. Read More

It all comes back to the comments section

Lamenting the Comments Section

We just watched one of the best championship games in football history. In years past, I would be live tweeting it with my comments on the ads. This year I didn’t. It was a much better experience, and not because of the game.

Without my commentary, the game went on. Commercials aired one by one. Pundits continued to conjecture over who’s ads landed best and who whiffed on the big stage. In the end, I missed none of that by staying out of the conversation. And all that discussion was there for me to review once I wanted to come back to it.

That’s when it hit me. Not everything needs commentary. Some things should stand on their own merit. In fact, the proliferation of the comments section may just be one of the most deviously unnoticed threat to reality as we understand it. Read More