Negativity can also be the secret to success

Hate Your Work: The Secret to Success

I hate every single thing that comes out of Digital Pudding. Every website. Every ad campaign. Every deliverable that we hand over to a client. I hate them all. That’s what makes them so good.

How can I say that? Hear me out. One of the ways I know we’re doing right by our clients is by hating what we do. Why? Because if I hate it, then I know it’s not perfect. If it’s not perfect, that means it can be improved if it falls short of expectations. It also bodes well for when a client’s vision contrasts with our own, as well as when the market has its say.

In fact, I credit a good deal of our success as a business to the fact that I absolutely hate all of our work. It makes us nimbler. It makes us stronger. It makes us able to adapt, change and pivot when necessary. All because we aren’t beholden to the power of the perfect idea. Read More

A Clear Day in Trump's America

How to Thrive in Trump’s America

Last week, we began living in Trump’s America. For some, this is a welcome change after eight years living under a president who didn’t share their values. For others, this is a terrifying prospect threatening to roll back progress and forge ahead toward a dystopian future. I have my thoughts on where this will take us, though it will be an adjustment for everyone.

Except maybe for me. I spent five years at a marketing agency under a very Trump-like figure. In that time, I went from copywriter to vice president. Now, I’m sure it helps that I’m a straight, white male. However, it’s very likely working in such an environment uniquely prepared me for living in Trump’s America.

While the parallels won’t be perfect, here’s some of my advice on how to make the most of the next few years and come out on top. Read More

Interview with a Marketing Partner

What to Look For in a Marketing Partner

Now that 2017 has started, many businesses are out there looking for a new marketing partner. Maybe sales declined last year. Maybe the holiday season was underwhelming. Maybe they just want to improve on mediocre. Whatever the reason, now’s the time to find a marketing partner that can help you achieve your goals for the new year.

The good news is there are a ton of marketers out there who will tell you they’d like to help you solve your problems. The bad news is that most of them have no idea how to do it. Worst case scenario: you’re bound to a marketing partner that can’t deliver and keeps you under contract, causing even more problems for your business.

How do you avoid that? Here are three things to look for when evaluating any marketing partner, either in-house or externally. Read More

Recapping the Year of NFE

The year 2016 is finally, mercifully, in the books. What was a chaotic year filled with surprises, turmoil and tragedy, is now just a memory, leaving in its wake the promise of an entirely new year.

At the beginning of last year, I made a commitment to avoid making excuses and just get stuff done. Since this was the first full year of Digital Pudding, we couldn’t afford to cut corners, risk shortcuts and overall slack on our responsibilities. Therefore, I dedicated myself to paying attention to the details and giving maximum effort as a way to grow the business. Here’s how we did. Read More