Celebrity Deaths - Gone But Never Forgotten

Analyzing the Spike in Celebrity Deaths in 2016

In many ways, 2016 has been an absolute tire fire of a year. Not for me; we’re doing great. But for a lot of people, this year can’t end soon enough.

One reason 2016 has been just so miserable has been the seemingly endless onslaught of celebrity deaths. It seems like every week someone new passed away, including this very last week of the year. With just a few days left to go, everyone is counting down to 2017 and hoping no one else dies.

Is this a new phenomenon? Yes and no. Celebrities have always died. Do we just notice it more now? Maybe. Buy why? And why now, in a year so filled with turmoil? Read More

You, in a price war

How To Win A Price War

With the holiday season in full swing, so many businesses are trying to wage a price war in the hopes that consumers pick them for gift shopping. This is especially acute online, where the same bed set can cost a dozen different prices, depending on shipping, processing, and sheer sales volume.

Furthermore, sporadic sales pop up, further complicating matters. Flash sales. Today only. Few hours remaining. Use this offer code for your first order. Those kinds of sales tactics are the new weapons in the price war.

There’s a problem with this thinking, though. Your competitors are racing to the bottom line right along with you. While you may take home a seasonal battle, you can’t win this war. Here’s why. Read More