Wonder what he's algorithmic thinking?

How Algorithms Will Defeat Us

If you wire a rat’s brain in such a way that every time he pushes a button he receives a pleasurable sensation, he’ll push that button until he dies. At the expense of eating, drinking and everything else that makes life worth living. Just pushing that button, over and over again, until he perishes.

This, in a nutshell, is how algorithmic thinking works in practice. And their liberal use is starting to affect our society.

We’ve already discussed how algorithms think, how they’re created by humans, how they can be flawed and how you can outsmart them. But what if you don’t want to? What if you want to lay back and accept the almighty algorithm as your lord and savior and heed it’s every word? That’s when things get messy.

The endless march of optimization wants to amalgamate the world’s information, guess your desires and shorten the route you take to get pleasure at the expense of all else. It’s how the Facebook news feed works. It’s how Google search results work. It’s how Pandora and Amazon recommendations work. It will be how the world works, if the robots have their say.

And that may be the end of curiosity, ambition and the human independent thought experiment. Allow me to explain. Read More

A Few Thoughts on the Election

This is not a political blog. It never will be, nor should it be. It’s a blog about business and digital marketing. My goal in writing it is to provide tips and insights that business owners can use to improve their advertising and enhance their digital presence. I even had a wonderful personal story about a job interview ready to post last week. However, with the uncertainty facing us as a country following the recent elections, I feel the need to share my thoughts on our situation.

I posted this to my personal social media last week in response to other’s reactions. It was my way of staying calm through a chaotic period. Often, the best reaction to such tumult is to stay measured and analyze the situation, planning your next course of action by what is known at the time. There’s your business lesson for this week, kids.

I didn’t expect the reaction that my post received. Read More