Revisiting a Thank You, One Year Later

Exactly one year ago today, I was in professional limbo. I had just taken the leap from a company at which I spent the better part of my adult life, learning and maturing into the person I would become. I felt as though I owed a lot to this business that had been such a large part of my life. Maybe it was pride. Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome. Whatever it was, I felt as though I needed to be gracious about my exit.

Before I officially shared the news with the company’s CEO, news had trickled out I would be leaving. Once a Friday afternoon meeting for the two of us was scheduled, I knew that was it. So I spent that whole morning crafting a hand written thank you note recalling how far I had come in the past five years, showing my gratitude.

This was a man who I respected for how well he could bring in clients and grow businesses. He took me in as a young, pliable potential executive still reeling in the wake of the financial crisis and shaped my experience in marketing and advertising. Here I was, a bird deciding to leave the nest, still afraid to fly. I offered my sincerest thanks for the past 5 years.

He took the note, threw it back in my face, told me to get my things and not return. It was over. I would not speak to him or anyone from the company again (and still haven’t).

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Marketing Automation may be attractive. Don't be fooled

Why Marketing Automation Is an Oxymoron

Marketing Automation is a major buzzword (or buzz concept, I suppose, since it’s more than one word) in the industry right now. Everything that can be controlled by a computer is likely to get controlled by a computer in this digital age. Of course, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Let’s back up a second. Marketing automation describes turning over certain processes like lead acquisition emails and basic customer service responses over to an automated system. Marketers around the world are currently enamored with things like customer facing chat bots, drip email campaigns and lead management and scoring systems. Even though machine learning is improving every year, that’s a dangerous way to run a business, especially something so important as marketing.

Yes, marketing automation can increase productivity and enhance your overall cache. It has value for some clients. For others, though, dedicating your resources to marketing automation can prove costly in the long run, especially if you try and hand over all the reigns to the machines. Read More

LinkedIn Marketing Has Benefits

In Praise of LinkedIn Marketing

Social media marketing is essential to creating a personality for your brand, and perhaps the most boring way to do that is with LinkedIn marketing. Everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous career-centric channel. You probably have a profile right now that you’re not using very often, unless you’re looking to fill an open position or make a sale.

Outside of that, you might check in with it rarely just to see how it changes or update your password. It’s likely not central to your business’ marketing campaign.

This often overlooked social media channel has more potential than a job networking engine. When used properly and interestingly, you could make a case for LinkedIn being the most valuable social network to your marketing strategy. It all depends on what your goals are. Read More

Motor Makes Marketing Magical

My first Labor Day on the executive side of the marketing profession was spent predictably. Three straight days in my office. It was a glorious way to say goodbye to summer, and I truly mean that.

How can that possibly be? Long hours, tight deadlines and impossible challenges typify the marketing industry. Isn’t it just a never ending torture treadmill? Not if you have motor.

If you don’t run in sports circles you may never have heard that term as it refers to a person, yet it’s the perfect way to explain what it takes to really break through when you work in marketing. It takes more than academic knowledge and a willingness to learn (although those are part of it). It takes motor to really make it work and enjoy the ride.

Motor is the blend of drive, knowledge and hustle that unlocks the impossible. It breaks boundaries. It shatters expectations. It turns any situation into a favorable one by smart execution and sheer determination of will. It drives someone at the same pace when times are tough and when things are going well. In short, motor is what makes working in marketing a magical experience.

Here are some of the ways motor combats the constant churn of the marketing industry while providing high energy people a place to thrive. Read More