Website Strategy Across Devices

Website Strategy Tips for 2016

At Digital Pudding, we do a lot of website strategy. Everything from copy to sitemap to development and design, we have our hands in all of it. We outline important pages, write the content, design the website and bring it to life through the magic of programming. Before we can do any of that, though, we need to have a strategy for what we want to accomplish with the website. What ultimate goal do you want it to achieve? What do you want people to do when they get there? How do you want it to be found online?

A good website starts with a modern, adaptable website strategy that keeps in mind certain trends that will be important to being seen online. What new developments have come about that makes this different from the way websites were built in 2006? Here are a few to think about when it comes to your website strategy. Read More

A Turn of Phrase with a Quick Turnaround

A Turn of Phrase Turned My Career Around

Something so simple as a turn of phrase can be the powerful catalyst that propels effective change for the better. We’ve referenced the effect “but” has on a sentence. We’ve explored the thought process that leads to excuses. Now, let’s take a look at one turn of phrase that literally turned my career around.

When I started working in advertising, I was full of the same wonder and ambition that many wide-eyed graduates hold entering the industry. This was soon quashed by the true nature of the business, endless hours, constant shifting deadlines and sheer volume of the work. So I started using a task manager to help keep track of everything that needed to get done on a daily basis.

What started off as a godsend quickly became a hindrance. The more tasks I accomplished, the more tasks got added to the list like some perverse game of Whack-a-Mole. Such is the burden of meeting your deadlines and being a reliable employee in a fast-paced industry. However, the weight of the task list almost sank my marketing prospects.

I didn’t know it yet, but this way of viewing my job every day held me back from getting even more done. It took just a simple turn of phrase to reframe the conversation and propel my career. Read More

Marketing and Advertising Aren't the Same

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are often used interchangeably to describe the process of growing a business. At least, that’s what the business owners we’ve worked with have done. Both terms are used within the same breath to explain what we do for them, and they’re right about that part.

Those two concepts are not the same thing, though. In fact, one is way more important than the other. Here’s an explanation of the difference between marketing and advertising, and how you should treat each in your division of labor. Read More